Yesterday was my fourth embryo transfer. I worked in the morning and then had my transfer at 2:00. I took both Valiums that were prescribed, and was feeling pretty great by the time of the transfer. My clinic always offers warm blankets for procedures, so I got to cozy up under those while being drugged up. For the first time, I didn’t overfill my bladder. I drank about half of what they suggest, and my bladder was full. I asked the technician that was checking my bladder if she would measure my uterine lining, which I’ve never had checked on transfer day. She said that it might be a slightly inflated number, because my bladder was full, and then told me that it was 10mm. When she left the room, my husband said the number on the screen was actually 10.9mm, so I am quite pleased. That is surely much higher than it’s ever been during a natural transfer cycle.

The technician, nurse and embryologist were all no-nonsense in delivering their spiels to me, which I was very happy about, because I’m sick of the peppy, positive attitudes of the clinicians I’ve had in the past at my clinic. The photo of my embryo showed it partially hatching, but I don’t know how much of a difference that makes. The embryology camera wasn’t working, so we couldn’t see the close up of our embryo being sucked up the tube. I’ve already seen the process three times before, and I didn’t even care about not seeing it. The doctor stuck it in me, and then I got to go home in my Valium-induced state. We stopped and picked up a fried vegetarian chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries on the way home. I went home and chowed those down while watching some frivolous teen movie on Netflix. After that I passed out for 4 hours! I woke up and ate a small dinner of roasted brussels sprouts and blueberry kefir, then went back to bed. All in all, it was an ideal transfer day.

I’m having a fairly quiet weekend. I went on an easy, flat 3-mile walk today, but I don’t plan to do any other exercise this weekend. I’ll be back to biking on Monday.  I haven’t felt any cramping or twitching, so of course I already think it didn’t work. I’ve already got embryo-failure plans if it doesn’t work: go to an expensive restaurant for a 3-course meal with wine pairing for my birthday at the end of the month and go to San Francisco during Pride weekend to party it up with a bunch of my gay friends at the end of June. It’s nice to have things to look forward to in case the transfer doesn’t work out.

FET #4: Lining Check #2

I had my second lining check today. My lining was 8.4mm, which is exactly what it’s always been during my natural cycles. I assume it would get thicker if we left it another week, but my doctor said if it’s 8mm or thicker, then it’s good to go. However, with my natural cycles, I had my lining checked right at ovulation, so it was peaking. With this medicated cycle, I’ll stay on my high dose of estrogen (4 patches) until Monday, when I drop down to two patches a day. My doctor only does medicated transfers on Friday, so I won’t start the progesterone in oil shots until Sunday. This means that the lining has a few more days to thicken. I’m know that I’m really fixated on the lining, but it seems so important! My transfer is scheduled for Friday, May 11.

Moving kept me very busy over the last weekend. I can get really OCD about cleaning and spent most of two whole days cleaning my old apartment. I’m still worn out from it, but fortunately we hired movers to move everything to our new place. I have some more unpacking/organizing/setting up to do, so that should keep me busy for a while. Our new apartment is such an incredible upgrade, but without our art and rugs and stuff set up, it feels pretty sterile. I have my own bathroom now with a nice, deep tub and I’m getting in as many baths as possible before the transfer. Also, it’s fun cooking in a big, beautiful kitchen. Hopefully the novelty of the new apartment will carry me through at least May 21 aka Doomsday aka the pregnancy blood test.