FET#4: CD 14

I feel like I have so little to blog about during this medicated cycle. Everything is going great….I guess? In my natural cycle, I was going in every 1-2 days for checks, so I knew the status. It’s strange to just be hoping that the medication (and my body) is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Despite the ambiguity, it’s actually been easier to not dwell on the IVF stuff. I still haven’t had any side effects from the Lupron, and I’ve continued to administer my own shots daily. I’m up to 4 estrogen patches now, and the main side effects have been sleeping great and feeling frisky. My skin is also looking fabulous. So I’m actually rather enjoying the hormone regime so far. My next appointment is on Tuesday, and I’m a little nervous, but hoping that my lining looks extra thick and that I haven’t somehow ovulated through the medication this cycle.

In other news, C and I are moving into a new apartment on Saturday. All the packing and preparations have been great for keeping my mind off of the transfer. I love moving (really!), and I’m definitely more excited to move than to do another transfer. When I actually think about the transfer, I feel a bit of dread, because after the transfer time will pass soooooooo slowly. I will obsess over symptoms and lack of symptoms and HPTs. I will not be able to focus on anything else. And then it’s a lot of anticipation and disappointment. But I’d still rather take the chance than not try at all.

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