FET#4: Suppression Check

Today was my suppression check to make sure Lupron has zapped away all of my hormones. Everything looked good. Estrogen is low. I’ve been on a .5mg does of Lupron for 8 days. Honestly, best IVF drug I’ve been on so far. No side effects that I’ve noticed at all, except lack of sex drive. *shrug* I was a little scared to go on Lupron, because someone on a message board told me to google “Lupron deaths,” and for some reason I actually did that.  So death….but it’s IVF, you know? Of course I would risk death for the chance to have a child. I’ve also been giving myself the shots since day 3.  I can’t believe how easy and painless it is (with ice) to give the shots to myself! Tomorrow I start applying estrogen patches.

I have to go visit my husband’s family this weekend, and I’m hoping they will not ask me when I’m going to get pregnant. We’re all staying in a vacation house, and I guess I’m going to try to hide the Lupron in the fridge. I have no desire to tell anyone when I’m doing a transfer cycle anymore, since it always just ends in disappointment.


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