FET#4: Lining Check #1

I had a lining check this morning. Unfortunately, my lining was only 6.5mm, so I have to add at least another week to my cycle calendar. This means that my transfer is tentatively scheduled for May 11, rather than May 4. I don’t mind the added time so much as the disappointment that a medicated cycle didn’t magically make my lining thicker than usual. I guess that the nice thing is that unlike the natural cycle we can wait it out and see if it gets thicker. My doctor was concerned that maybe I wasn’t absorbing enough estrogen from the patches, and said that I might need to add in an oral estradiol pill or vaginal suppository. She said that my estrogen would like to see my level to be over 300.

I mulled this over today, and I started to wonder if the hot baths I’ve been taking every night were leeching the estrogen out of the patches. When I first started the patches, C asked if I was allowed to take baths. No one had told me that I couldn’t take baths, but when I googled whether baths were “allowed,” the internet came back to me with conflicting information. So I emailed my nurse and she said that baths don’t effect the patches. Still, I’d been wondering and wondering. Well, I got my estrogen results back, so now I feel confident that baths do not effect the absorption rate.

My estrogen was 637!

Well, what the heck?! When I did natural cycles, my lining always peaked around 8mm and my estrogen peaked around 350-500. So if my estrogen is even higher than usual, why isn’t my lining thicker? Or at least the same? I’ve emailed my nurse about this and am awaiting her reply.

Back to the transfer date….May 11 is better for me. I have a work event that I was going to have to miss on May 5 if I did the transfer on May 4, and it makes me look good at work if I show up to this event. Also, it will only be the second weekend after moving, so I will probably still be unpacking and setting things up. And lastly, if I did a May 4 transfer, I would definitely start testing around May 13, which is Mother’s Day. Seeing a negative test on Mother’s Day would be way too emotional for me. It’s already hard enough to be both motherless and childless on that day – no need to add an HPT to the mix!

FET#4: CD 14

I feel like I have so little to blog about during this medicated cycle. Everything is going great….I guess? In my natural cycle, I was going in every 1-2 days for checks, so I knew the status. It’s strange to just be hoping that the medication (and my body) is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Despite the ambiguity, it’s actually been easier to not dwell on the IVF stuff. I still haven’t had any side effects from the Lupron, and I’ve continued to administer my own shots daily. I’m up to 4 estrogen patches now, and the main side effects have been sleeping great and feeling frisky. My skin is also looking fabulous. So I’m actually rather enjoying the hormone regime so far. My next appointment is on Tuesday, and I’m a little nervous, but hoping that my lining looks extra thick and that I haven’t somehow ovulated through the medication this cycle.

In other news, C and I are moving into a new apartment on Saturday. All the packing and preparations have been great for keeping my mind off of the transfer. I love moving (really!), and I’m definitely more excited to move than to do another transfer. When I actually think about the transfer, I feel a bit of dread, because after the transfer time will pass soooooooo slowly. I will obsess over symptoms and lack of symptoms and HPTs. I will not be able to focus on anything else. And then it’s a lot of anticipation and disappointment. But I’d still rather take the chance than not try at all.

FET#4: Suppression Check

Today was my suppression check to make sure Lupron has zapped away all of my hormones. Everything looked good. Estrogen is low. I’ve been on a .5mg does of Lupron for 8 days. Honestly, best IVF drug I’ve been on so far. No side effects that I’ve noticed at all, except lack of sex drive. *shrug* I was a little scared to go on Lupron, because someone on a message board told me to google “Lupron deaths,” and for some reason I actually did that.  So death….but it’s IVF, you know? Of course I would risk death for the chance to have a child. I’ve also been giving myself the shots since day 3.  I can’t believe how easy and painless it is (with ice) to give the shots to myself! Tomorrow I start applying estrogen patches.

I have to go visit my husband’s family this weekend, and I’m hoping they will not ask me when I’m going to get pregnant. We’re all staying in a vacation house, and I guess I’m going to try to hide the Lupron in the fridge. I have no desire to tell anyone when I’m doing a transfer cycle anymore, since it always just ends in disappointment.