FET#4: The Medicated Protocol

Well, I’m finally doing it. After 3 failed natural transfer protocols, I’m going to try a medicated protocol. And the calendar of meds – O.M.G. It’s crazy!! The meds just go on for weeks and weeks and weeks! I know this is what almost everyone else does, but it just seems like so much effort and sacrifice compared to a natural cycle. But I can’t see how a natural transfer will ever work for me. I responded REALLY well to the egg retrieval protocols, so I’m hoping that this new protocol will give me an amazingly thick lining.

Here’s my protocol:

Birth Control: March 19-April 6

Lupron: April 3-April 28 (maybe a little longer)

Estrogen patches: April 11-….

Progesterone in oil: April 30-….

Estimated transfer: May 4

Coincidentally, May 4 was the due date for my naturally conceived baby. So I imagine I will be getting a little emotional about that.

I have a goal to learn how to give myself the Lupron shots to myself, in case my husband has to go out of town for work. (Also, I think it will be a self-esteem booster to learn a new skill.) I told him that he absolutely can’t go out of town when I’m doing the PIO shots, because there’s no way I’m learning to give myself an intramuscular injection into my own back. If any of you are giving yourselves the PIO shots, then holy cow, I’m so, so impressed!

Also, this will be my first time ordering a bunch of meds with fertility meds coverage through my insurance, so I’m pretty excited to see what is covered.



5 thoughts on “FET#4: The Medicated Protocol

  1. The lupron shots are pretty easy to do yourself – I did most of my own injections because my partner HATES needles and couldn’t handle doing them. She did do the PIO shots and those are the worst! My tip on that is to use a heating pad on the injection after you do it to help the oil spread. Even doing that, I had such a lumpy ass! For and reason they made me do them until almost 16 weeks pregnant so it took most of the rest of my pregnancy for the lumps to go away.
    I’ve got all the things crossed for you. This sciency making of babies can be a real bitch.


  2. It’s a process…
    Good luck!!

    Also, I did the rest of the shots myself but the PIO ones – nope. Even my nurses said that they wouldn’t do it themselves. Hubby had a work trip that he couldn’t get out of so we got a concierge service for those 2 days. Not cheap but beats doing it myself.


  3. The PIO shots are actually pretty doable on your own if you have a full length mirror. But moral support is key too. Wishing you so much luck this cycle!


  4. There are a LOT of meds. In my six medicated FET cycles I’ve only had to give myself the PIO shots twice. The first time I did it in my thigh – terrible idea and so painful. The second time I knew better and aimed for the the regular place in the upper butt. After watching a few youtube videos and setting up shop in front of the mirror it was simple and relatively painless. You got this – thinking of you and wishing you all the best in this coming cycle. xo


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