Suppression Check – Retrieval Cycle #2

I had my initial suppression check at the clinic today for a second egg retrieval. Everything looked good – my ovaries are in great shape and my estrogen levels are low. So the hormones start again on Friday. At least I know what to expect this time, in terms of level of discomfort, scheduling, appointments and anesthesia. I’ve been on birth control for 17 days. Initially, when the clinic sent me my new cycle calendar, it had me on birth control for 24 days. Last time, I was on birth control for 18 days, so of course I freaked out, started crying about how everything takes longer than expected in this process, how no one wants me to have a baby ever, etc. etc. Once I calmed down and asked why I was on 24 days of birth control, I was told that it’s fine to be on birth control for anywhere from 14-30 days prior to the hormones starting, but that they picked 24 days, because my doctor was going to be out of town. I was given the option to be on birth control for 17 days instead if I was willing to see a different doctor, and I agreed to that. The other doctor I’m seeing is great, too, so I don’t mind at all. My regular doctor will still do the retrieval. Also, I’m planning to take 2 days off of work for the retrieval this time instead of just 1. I’m celebrating my friend’s birthday tonight, and it will be the last time I drink alcohol for a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to doing something nice and normal with my friends before I’m a hermit again!